Custom Brickô Finish (Data Sheet)

Yes.  It's Dryvit.  We're In The Brick Business.



Custom Brick is the newest exciting innovation from Dryvit, the nation's leading manufacturer of exterior insulation and finish systems.

A simply spectacular look - This dramatic finish provides a breathtaking and beautiful effect that will leave even the most experienced mason shaking his head with amazement.  The look of Dryvit Custom Brick is simply spectacular, as are the numerous and varied advantages over other exterior cladding options.

Imagination is your only limitation - Custom Brick offers a wide array of patterns, colors, textures and shading techniques that together can be used to make your building look exactly the way you want it to.  No longer will you have to settle for the design limitations of other exteriors or be shackled by the high price of getting just the look you want.  Let your imagination be your guide.

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Advantages and Uses

Custom Brick Is Better Than Traditional Brick

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Save a ton in construction costs - Custom Brick's beauty is more than skin deep.  Because it is much lighter in weight than traditional brick, there can be great savings on foundation and structural requirements needed to carry the building load.   Faster construction overall.  and, no nets are needed to protect passersby from falling bricks.  All of which leads to safe, less costly construction.

Not your father's brick - The cost-effective design options of traditional brick are very limited.  This is one contributing factor to the explosive growth in popularity of Dryvit.  Now, not only can you have all the architectural details you want and are accustomed to getting with Dryvit, you can give your project a durable Custom Brick finish as well.

Energy conservation is cool - People didn't associate "brick" with "energy savings"... until now.  Use the Custom Brick finish with any Dryvit system and enjoy all the benefits of additional insulation on the outside of the building where it is most effective.  All this and the "traditional" look of brick, too!

No need to bend on design - Whether your project is a pool house or a palace, design is important.  Custom Brick patterns can be created specifically to meet your exact need.  There are virtually no limitations to size, shape, color or texture.  You dream it, Dryvit Custom Brick can achieve it.

'Versatile brick' no longer an oxymoron - Custom Brick finish works great as a finish for any Dryvit system.  It can also be a great finish for all types of stucco, untreated masonry and tilt-up concrete.

Renovate, Renovate, Renovate - There is nothing like a new look to spruce up an old building.  Let alone a justification for raising the rent!  For one or all of the above reasons, Dryvit Custom Brick is ideally suited to renovation.   Have an old, infirm building?  Want the old look restored?  Need more curb appeal?  Call Dryvit today.

Positive reinforcement - No doubt about it, traditional brick is hard - and even harder to repair.  By adding or combining different weights of fiberglass reinforcing mesh, a Dryvit system can be over 7 times more impact resistant than a standard EIFS.  The Custom Brick finish is extremely durable, with the added benefit of being relatively easy and inexpensive to repair if it is damaged.

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Be on the inside for a change - Dryvit is not just for exteriors.   Custom Brick has been used in many interesting and exciting interior applications, applied directly over properly prepared drywall and other suitable substrates.  Custom Brick can provide a warm, cozy interior look without reducing living space. Although most people may think of brick as strictly an exterior product, Dryvit Custom Brick is a perfect solution for interior applications that require warmth and distinction.

Not only can Custom Brick be used to upgrade interior walls but it can do so in a variety of colors, textures and patterns.  It is a product that can give an office building or a private residence a personality all its own.  Dryvit Custom Brick is cost and space efficient and easy to install quickly over standard gypsum drywall or plaster.  And, of course, the virtually limitless design options add greatly to your opportunity to be creative.

The range of interior uses for the product varies as dramatically as the finish options available.  Backdrops, mantels, ceilings and interior replications of exterior architecture are but a few of the effects Custom Brick has successfully achieved.   Your imagination and creativity can be the guide for success on your project.

While Dryvit Custom Brick can give your interiors a refreshingly new appearance, you need to know that the insulation component of a Dryvit system cannot be used on the interior of any project.

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  Celga Polska  

Heritage Brick


New York Brick


Ohio Standard




Soldier Course


 Tumbled Used Wall Brick


Used Wall Brick


Utility Brick


Got Brick?  Break With Tradition

Each region of the country has its preferred brick sizes, colors and shapes.  This is because of the regional evolution of design trends, as well as the effect of local raw materials on the colors of the finished product.  With Custom Brick, there are no such limits to what is readily available.  Applicators have all the tools and skills needed to apply Custom Brick; and after a short instruction session, can perform the Custom Brick application.

All the patterns shown here were created for a specific application and are now part of our standard inventory of templates.  Because Dryvit Custom Brick patterns can be created to match virtually any brick in size or shape, it can accommodate the architect's existing design for almost any project. Challenge us - if we don't have the design, color or texture you want, create one; and we will match it for you.  That's why we call it Custom Brick.  So, even if the building design is "complete", it may not be too late to contemplate the savings that Custom Brick can provide.

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