For centuries, limestone blocks were the basis for the design and construction of stately, elegant monuments and buildings.  This was largely possible because of the owners' enormous wealth, plentiful, cheap labor and acceptable lead times of many years...Lymestone finish by Dryvit looks very much like 'original' limestone, but comes without the extreme cost, weight, and lead time associated with that product of a bygone era.


Lymestone finish is made from a mixture of natural minerals and pigments, blended together in a 100% acrylic polymer matrix.  It is hand applied to the wall with a trowel, and provides a durable and unique option for finishing Dryvit systems, tilt-up concrete, unit masonry, stucco or interior drywall.

  When used as a finish for Dryvit EIFS, Lymestone is part of a cladding that is up to 84% more energy efficient than 6 other commonly used wall systems*.

*As tested by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Click here for more information on this report.


  Private Residence  
  Lexington, SC  

"I wanted something really special for my house, and I was so pleased with the results I got with the Dryvit Lymestone product.  People stop all the time to ask me questions about it, and they can't believe it's not limestone block on my house."





Introducing Lymestone Finish By Dryvit

  tenncare building  
  Nashville, tn  

"Dryvit's Lymestone was really the best alternative we could find. The project budget simply could not support the actual limestone block that we designed in the plans. But we were really very happy with the Lymestone solution because it got us the look we wanted, and we could do it within the project budget, which made the owner happy too."

Greg Stamps, AIA
Stamps Design Group


  First federal bank  
  Greensburg, in  

"Our main office has traditional Indiana Limestone facade with pillars, so we wanted to recreate that at the branch.  We couldn't be happier with the result."

Jim Saler




  office building  
  Tampa, fl  

"Our undertaking was to transform a building from a dated 1970's era design to a modern contemporary style.  Our design was one of crisp, sharp lines with a flat, even finish.  We also required a hard, durable surface that would perform in a coastal environment.  After researching several products, we decided on Lymestone."

Mike Cannon
Building Owner

Why You Should Specify Lymestone
  • Visual appeal - It creates a realistic, unique, and expensive appearance for building exteriors.  Beautifully complements other materials or Dryvit finishes.
  • Variety - Lymestone can be custom colored or applied to match your specific design criteria.
  • Availability - With over 120 Dryvit Distributors in North America, Lymestone can be on the jobsite in days.
  • Energy Efficiency - Dryvit EIFS can significantly lower the heating and cooling costs for the life of a building.
  • Value - Lymestone Reduces the total construction cost because it is 1/35th the weight of traditional stone block.  Shipping costs can be much lower as well


Design Versatility With Lymestone
Lymestone finish is very versatile.  It is used principally to achieve a relatively smooth, slightly pitted look that is very close in appearance to 'Traditional' Limestone.  Lymestone used alongside other Dryvit finishes affords the opportunity to combine complementary materials in an energy efficient, seamless design, installed by one contractor and covered by a single-source warranty.

On larger wall surfaces, EPS shapes and aesthetic reveals are commonly used to yield a realistic limestone effect.

TerraNeo® & Lymestone

The smooth Lymestone finish beautifully Complements Dryvit TerraNeo - The Revolutionary finish that uses minerals and mica to yield a highly realistic granite look.

Lymestone treated with Tuscan Glaze™

Lymestone is the perfect finish on which to apply Dryvit Tuscan Glaze - resulting in an old world plaster appearance.

Lymestone & Custom Brick™

The very traditional and popular limestone and brick combination is eminently affordable using Dryvit Lymestone and Dryvit Custom Brick.